Business processes automation in Procurement

Conversational AI technologies are empowering the employees to be more productive and efficient.


Increasing productivity

Increase in productivity of employees

Increase in productivity of employees

Automation potential of repetitive tasks

Automation potential of repetitive tasks

Reduction in processes time execution

Reduction in processes time execution

Hala is an opportunity to eliminate unnecessary labor costs for repetitive procurement processes/tasks via effective automation. Most importantly, it allows the employees to be more productive and spend time on implementing new processes or innovations instead of spending time on repetitive tasks. Hala is helping to achieve such results by streamlining inefficient and complex procurement processes.


Where Hala can help?

The procurement processes for most companies are inefficient and outdated. These processes are often loaded with a lot of time-consuming steps and require to use different systems.

The user interfaces of the procurement systems are often are very complicated and hard to use, which generates lower productivity of the employees.

Hala can help employees fill out forms and applications using voice and text commands, rather than physically filling out documents and manually uploading them to recording systems.


Business processes automation in procurement

Before automation

The subsidiary of a multinational telecommunication company is using Microsoft Dynamics as central enterprise software for bookkeeping, sales, purchasing, etc.

According to the internal rules, all purchases must be managed in Microsoft Dynamics, and for each purchase should be created a purchase requisition.


After automation

The company found that this is a time-consuming process. During the year, employees create more than 4000 purchase requisitions.

With Hala, the time needed to create a purchase requisition is reducing from 12 min to 7 min.



End-users are using natural language in conversation with Hala for creating purchase requisitions.

Hala conversational chat available on any device, so that user can use mobile phones or laptops for performing actions.


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