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AI technologies are empowering the employees to be more productive and efficient.


Better efficiency

Increase in sales productivity

Increase in sales productivity

Automation potential of repetitive tasks

Automation potential of repetitive tasks

Increase in data entry accuracy

Increase in data entry accuracy

Hala can help to increase the productivity of the sales representatives via effective process/task automation. Most importantly, it allows the sales representatives to use natural language via text or voice to perform daily activities, get analytics, and many more, which is leads to reducing the time needed for performing routine and time-consuming actions.


Where Hala can help?

Hala allows reducing the time for entering the data like updating the information in CRM or ERP. Hala synchronises the data in the different systems so that the data is up-to-date and accurate across all the systems.

Sales representatives can ask Hala, using natural language via voice or text, for any data or analytics from the backend software that they need to do their best work.

Hala can empower sales representatives with the insights and contextual information they need for more effective communication and engagement with the customers.


The new way of engagement with enterprise software & data

Data entry automation

Use Digital Assistant for interaction with the backend software via communication chat.

Salespeople can use natural language for entering any data, like sales orders, reminders, notification, new customers, opportunities, and other related data.


Sales analytics

Ask assistant to provide a sales report by product or by the customer, provide the information about outstanding debt and unpaid invoices, or get information about the turnover.

Any information in one place - this is something that people need.


Daily actions

Hala can check all the needed information in ERP or CRM or other systems and provide an address data of the customer with the link to the Waze app or make the calls to the customer`s contact people.

Like Siri can work with the data on your mobile phone, Hala can work with the data of your organization.


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