Reduction of IT maintenance costs uses Conversational AI technologies to create a smarter and more efficient IT Service Desk Experience


Cost reduction

Reduction of payroll costs

Reduction of payroll costs

Automation potential

Automation potential

Decrease in resolution time

Decrease in resolution time

Hala is an opportunity to eliminate unnecessary labor costs for both IT and line of business employees. Most importantly, it allows businesses to reduce application maintenance spendings by up to 35%. Hala can achieve such extraordinary results thanks to the full automation of routine tasks with the power of AI.


Where Hala can help?

Employees expect their technical issues to be resolved quickly and accurately. IT teams, however, lose an enormous amount of time manually investigating and resolving the same problems again and again.

Common requests and recurring issues consume a massive amount of IT service desk bandwidth. Our experience shows that 75% of the common requests can be automated with AI technologies.

IT Service Desk team often lack immediate access to the information they need to identify technical issues and to resolve them effectively.


Example of automation of routine requests in IT Service Desk

Incident analysis

Hala is helping customers identify common queries based on historical data. Hala is analyzing the data and preparing the report that includes the following information: the most common queries, the average time for solving queries, the total cost for solving common queries, and the potential for automation.


Customer story

During one year, in the company that runs SAP, employees create an average of 23.213 queries. The incident analysis shows that 7.892 of queries could be automated.

With the automation of 7.892 of common queries, corporate saves 200.000 EUR annually.


Each business is unique

Send us your data, and we will prepare the incident analysis report for you for free.

The report should answer two main questions. What to automate, and how much can we reduce IT service maintenance costs?


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