Cognitive computing system
for enterprises

Productivity transformation across many job categories,
including performers of routine work

How it works

Data insight
General Domain
How to create purchase order in SAP?
HALA has a predefined knowledge about the system and processes in SAP
Please use transaction ME21N for creating purchase order
Current balance in Citibank
HALA is able to get any information from SAP
Current balance is 1000 USD
Please open new period
HALA is able to do any configuration in SAP system
New period is now opened for posting
Error during posting asset acquisition
HALA is making decision based on your historical data learns in real time
Incident was created in Finance Accounting area. Planned resolution date 31.12.2017
Account receivable status overview
HALA understand SAP architecture and internal business processes and objects
Three customer have missed due date for total amount 3000 USD. Received down payments - 4000 USD
Could you book hotel in Boston
HALA can be trained to work with your providers and integrated with 3rd party software
Booking was made and sent to your email



  • Natural language & Context
    HALA communicates with the business users through natural language and understands meaning of the request based on SAP knowledge
  • SAP Domain
    Predefined SAP knowledge, including technical tools for working with SAP systems and general knowledge about the business processes
  • Machine learning
    The system learns from the conversations, user inputs, generated data and continuously improving their own knowledge domain
  • Info & Media center
    Designed to help business users to get necessary information as fast as possible with some examples of “How to work in SAP”
  • Integrations
    Ready for integration with incident management tools, third party software and communication messaging platforms (Slack, Skype, Facebook etc.)
  • Communication channels
    Business users are able to use any device with browser and internet connection to have conversation with HALA
  • Inbuilt
    Communication interface can be embedded into yours website
  • Continues improvement
    All new SAP knowledge are available for all clients
  • 24/7
    HALA is available 24/7


Faster cycle times for resolution (potentially reduction)
Possible reduction of application maintenance service costs
Time saving for internal communication

How to start

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