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QuickBooks Online

Digital Assistant

Hala leverages AI technologies to simplify and streamline the processes and tasks connected to QuickBooks. Hala takes responsibility for daily routine activities, allowing users to have more time for value-adding work. The Hala intelligent assistant uses voice, text queries, and a natural-language user interface to answer questions, visualize data, and perform actions while being integrated into QuickBooks. Hala adapts to every user's language expressions, queries, and preferences through time. Hala supports a wide range of user queries (Digital Skills) and continuously learns new Digital Skills to help you during more processes and tasks.

  • Connect your QuickBooks Online and start to talk to Hala

Web Chat add-on

For IBM Watson Assistant

Most online chat systems have many code solving the same problems, such as browser support, scrolling behavior, input validation, basic layout, UI components, user management, integration capabilities, analytics, and styling. Why waste your time and effort on common problems when you can be perfecting the parts of the chat experience that are unique to your company? Hala web chat is here to solve the problems with creating a custom UI; the Hala team's cutting-edge functionality makes your bot experience better than ever.

  • Build bots with IBM Watson and talk to them via Hala

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