Conversational AI

Blending everyday business software into one conversational UI.


Single User Interface

Too much software & processes

  • Complexity

    Business users need to use too much different business software for performing daily activities.

  • Routine

    Business software is complicated, time-consuming to navigate, and generates many routine activities.

  • Time

    IT departments spend a significant part of the time managing all the business software.

Single Conversational UI

  • Productivity

    Opportunity for users to avoid daily routine activities and spend more time on innovations.

  • Optimisation

    Simplification and streamlining of the business processes. Automation of routine work.

  • Efficiency

    Business users can use only one user interface for performing daily activities.

Help employees become more efficient

Increase productivity
Reduce time on routine work
Bring motivation

QuickBooks Online

Digital Assistant

Packaged solution for QuickBooks Online customers. QuickBooks Online users can, in one click, integrate their system with Hala Digital Assistant and get access to pre-built Digital Skills. This works like with Amazon Alexa, but with a focus on business software. Hala leverages AI technologies to simplify and streamline the processes and tasks connected to QuickBooks Online.

  • Connect your QuickBooks Online and start to talk

Web Chat add-on

For IBM Watson Assistant

If you are using IBM Watson Assistant and looking for the opportunity to integrate it with your business software or if you are looking for an opportunity to design the cases where you can display the charts, dashboards, tables, forms, cards, and many other UI components, you can try to use Hala.

  • Build bots with IBM Watson and talk to them via Hala


Virtual Consultant

SAP Virtual Assistant with pre-built SAP Digital Skills is helping organizations to reduce the SAP IT Support costs and increase the productivity of SAP business users.

White Label

Conversational AI Platform

One part of the Hala Conversational AI platform has similar functionality to IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, Microsoft Power Platform, AWS Lex, and other platforms. The second part includes the enterprise-grade conversation interface that supports dashboards, charts, tables, and many more components. Third includes the user management, analytics, integration module, and skills store—all you need in one place, under your brand name, and on your servers.

  • hala
  • Are you looking for White Label Conversational AI platform?

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