AI Platform
for digitalisation of human skills

Intelligent automation for enterprises through the transformation of employees skills into digital skills. Assistant

Helps employees be more productive and efficient

Increase productivity
Reduce time on routine work
Bring motivation

Simplification rethinks how employees work everyday, giving them more time for innovation.

Employees not using Hala

Existing volume of labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks leads to enterprises low performance.

  • Complexity & Procedures

    The processes and tasks to perform complexity in IT systems is overwhelming and it's requirements are growing everyday.

  • Routine & Usage

    IT systems are complicated, time-consuming to navigate and generate many routine activities.

  • Costs & Time

    IT departments spend a significant part of the total IT service budget just to cover routine work.

Employees using Hala

With Hala's digital assistant, users can use everyday language to perform daily activities in one place.

  • Productivity & Motivation

    Opportunity for users to avoid daily routine activities and spend more time on innovations.

  • Optimisation & Cost reduction

    Simplification and streamlining in processes. Potential cost reduction of 35% in IT Support.

  • Efficiency & New opportunities

    One UI, one window to perform any activity required in integration with the enterprise IT systems.

Implementation and value

On-boarding time
2 weeks
Delivery time
8 weeks
Achieving ROI
6 months

Digital Assistant

How it works connects all your enterprise software and allows you to work in one conversational UI.

  • Start conversation

    Use natural language via voice or text to start the conversation with Hala or send images or documents to start the conversation.

  • Supported languages

    Hala supports a variety of languages, like English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Arabic.

  • Channels

    Talk to Hala inside its Web Communication interface or talk to it using different messaging tools (e.g., slack), ITSM tools (e.g., ServiceNow).

  • Be always productive

    Perform your daily activities anywhere-anytime. Hala is your personal Digital Assistant that supports and helps you.

Pre-built integrations

Microsoft Dynamics
Priority ERP

Automation areas

IT Support

Automatically solves IT issues even in complex IT systems (e.g., SAP).


Eliminate unnecessary labor costs in repetitive procurement processes/tasks.


Increase sales representatives productivity by streamlining the processes.


Use natural language to perform any of your payroll activities. blog

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