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Time management in QuickBooks Online

Track your time and send invoices by using your voice.

Create a new time activity

With Hala, you can use natural language for adding time activities in QuickBooks Online. Hala analyzes your query by using natural language processing, verifying the data in QuickBooks Online, and analyzing previous time activities to reduce the time needed to add time activities in QuickBooks Online.

Query example “I have spent 7 hours with Disney today”

Hala QuickBooks Online Digital Assistant
Inbox user interface

Time activity report

Get quick reports of your time activities for a certain period of time. The report can be requested for yourselves or any other employee and to see all relevant data for each time activity, including customer, time, hourly rate, and more.

Customer profile user interface

Automatic invoices

Sometimes it takes much time to create invoices for each of your customers based on your employees' time activities. Every time you need to create invoices one by one for each separate customer. Hala can do this for you, you can ask Hala to create invoices, and Hala will automatically create invoices for each customer.

Query example “Send invoices based on my time activity last week”

Hala QuickBooks Online Digital Assistant
Inbox user interface
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Save time

With Hala, you can add time activities faster, get the reports and create automatic invoices.

60% Time reduction for adding time activities

90% Time reduction in creating the invoices

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