White Label Conversational AI Platform

All-in-one White label conversational AI solution to meet your business needs.

White Label

Get your own conversational AI platform

Brand Platform As Your Own

Your users will only see your brand, both on the chat and the back end.

Cutomize It For Your Business

You’ll have hundreds of options to configure the platform to fit your business and your customers best.

Fast and Easy Development

Simple click and edit development empowering both you and your users with the power of digital skills.

What is White Label Conversational AI?

Normally, conversational AI is provided by companies like a general product. Examples could be IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, Microsoft Power Platform, AWS Lex, and many more. These companies decide the product features, pricing and have control over the product branding.

With white label conversational AI, you get the freedom to customize the solution as per your needs. You can host it on your own server, distribute it under your brand and sell it at your price.

So, a white-label solution provider acts as your technology partner, and your users get the feature-rich AI Solution under your company’s banner.

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Conversational AI is Great For:

Small, Medium and Large Enterprises

You manage and control an AI solution. Automate business processes, increase productivity.

Consulting companies

Bring innovations and automation to your customers and increase their efficiency. Increase your revenue and margin.

Enterprise software companies

Differentiate your company’s offerings by providing your clients a branded conversational AI.

Software developers

Integrate conversational AI capabilities into your products and bring new features to your users.

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All-in-one AI Conversational Platform

AI technologies

Utilize the intents, entities, and named entity recognition functionality.

Dialog Kit

Build complicated dialogs to streamline the internal processes.


Add as much as possible integrations into your assistant.

User management

Manage the users of the assistant and get tools for access management control.


Get all the needed data about the conversations to improve and extend the assistant capabilities.

Conversational UI

All-in-one conversational UI that supports more than 20 UI components.


Our solution is available as an on-premise solution, so all your data will stay with you.

White label

Hala solution can be fully adapted to your needs and look like your product.

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Focus on improvements and business goals, and not on developing a conversational AI

If you are looking for a conversational AI solution that you can fully own, customize and modify based on your needs, if you also want to keep all the business and personal data inside your company, and if you want to have an AI solution as your digital asset than you have two options: build it from scratch or take the white label conversational AI.

90% Cost reduction in developing conversational AI.

10x Faster in launching conversational AI.

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