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Conversational AI Platform

Hala AI platform connects advanced machine learning, conversational AI and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) with deep integrations into enterprise systems to completely automate employees' daily activities.

AI Technologies

Pre-trained Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to understand the meaning, relevance and context of enterprise conversations and processes. We know the language we use at work is different from the one we use at home.

Hala's NLU system understands the hidden meaning behind enterprise language. We trained Hala with enterprise domain knowledge, making it able to identify entities and only relate actions to the IT and Business industries in unstructured text.

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Integrations & Actions

With the Hala Integration module, you can integrate the external software by using Integrations and Actions functionality. When you add the Integration and Actions, you can use the Actions to make the API calls directly from the chat and evaluate the response. Integrate Hala with ERP solutions (e.g., SAP, Dynamics, Oracle) or ITSM (e.g., ServiceNow, Jira, Remedy) or with HCM (e.g., Workday, ADP) or with any other software.

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Dialog kit

With a dialog kit, you can build conversation flow between Hala and the users. The dialog kit functionality is similar to IBM Watson Assistant, Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, or Azure bot. With the Hala kit, you can build very complicated dialogs by integrating with 3rd party software and sending the APIs to the backend on any step of the dialog. With the dialog kit, you can manage the output to the user displayed in conversational UI.

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User management

Manage users of your assistants. Hala has all the needed capabilities to inviting new users, a fully automated process of onboarding new users, user management (edit, delete), roles management, access management to the assistants. Limit access to the functionality of the assistant by company roles and functions.

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Overall usage analytics for a period. Data about the active users and the number of messages from each of them. Data about the skills usage and number skills execution. Detailed information about each conversation between the user and assistant, including date, time, user name, skill name, and status. Detailed information about each conversation between the user and assistant with the information about each message from the user and assistant.

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Conversational UI

With Hala Conversational UI, you can bring to the user's entirely new communication approach with assistants. Our chat can display the charts, dashboards, tables, forms, cards, images, videos, documents, text, and many more. Think about the functionality of GUI that can be embedded into the conversational UI and provide to users unlimited functionality.

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Developer mode

Hala conversational UI dev mode was designed to help the developers to understand the behavior of the Hala backend logic, including the natural language processing and integration with the external applications. The dev mode is visible only for the users with the role - Developer. The dev mode is the same as standard chat. Additionally, it includes detailed information after processing each dialog node, which can help the developers build the skills and dialog nodes better.

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All-in-one AI Conversational Platform

AI technologies

Utilize the intents, entities, and named entity recognition functionality.

Dialog Kit

Build complicated dialogs to streamline the internal processes.


Add as much as possible integrations into your assistant.

User management

Manage the users of the assistant and get tools for access management control.


Get all the needed data about the conversations to improve and extend the assistant capabilities.

Conversational UI

All-in-one conversational UI that supports more than 20 UI components.


Our solution is available as an on-premise solution, so all your data will stay with you.

White label

Hala solution can be fully adapted to your needs and look like your product.

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