Web Chat add-on for IBM Watson Assistant

The enterprise-grade extended conversational UI addon for IBM Watson Assistant displays charts, forms, tables, dashboards, and more to bring a more powerful user experience.

Hala UI

Spend your time building a bot, not a UI

Hala Web Chat interface is seamlessly integrated with your IBM Watson Assistant

Most online chat systems have many code solving the same problems, such as browser support, scrolling behavior, input validation, basic layout, UI components, user management, integration capabilities, analytics, and styling. Why waste your time and effort on common problems when you can be perfecting the parts of the chat experience that are unique to your company? Hala web chat is here to solve the problems with creating a custom UI; the Hala team's cutting-edge functionality makes your bot experience better than ever.

  • IBM Watson Assistant Dialog Node
  • Design bots in IBM Watson Assistant
  • Talk to your bots in Hala Web Chat Interface
  • Hala One UI Component for IBM Watson Assistant

Save time & money on developing Web Chat

Developed by developers for developers & conversational AI designers

Faster launch of Web Chat
Cost reduction in launching the bots
Pre-built UI Components

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Hala Web chat provides everything you need to quickly and easily enable a first-class web chat interface for your users.

Web Chat interface
Out of the box web chat interface for IBM Watson Assistant.
UI Components
20+ UI components ready for usage for your bot.
Easy integrate 3rd party software with your bot via APIs SDK.
Voice enablement
Add voice experience for your users by connecting voice service from Google, IBM and Amazon.
One Assistant = One workspace. Connect as many as you want.
Single sign-on
Simple and Secure User Access Control (SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect).
User management
Manage all the users of assistants and their access to the skills.
Extended analytics of the bot usage by users, by skills, and by messages.

How it works?

You focus on designing the bots in IBM Watson Assistant service, and Hala focuses on Web Chat, User authentication, User Management, and Integrations.

  • Hala One How it works

Bring the best UI for your IBM Watson Assistant. Start using Hala today!

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