Digital Assistant for QuickBooks Online

Automate the time-consuming and repetitive work in your QuickBooks Online.

App Hala availble on QuickBooks Marketplace Digital Assistants for

Business Owners Experience

Hala Assistant provides a unique opportunity for business owners to get any analytics from QuickBooks Online and stay up to date anytime, anywhere, for having all the data for making business decisions.

Analytics, dashboards and reports
Use natural language for getting a business snapshot, sales and expenses data, customers' debt and income, time activity reports, and many moreā€”all in one place.
Automation & Workflows
Receive notifications based on KPI's achievements or approve purchases, expenses, invoices, and other transactional data. Hala works as your personal virtual assistant integrated with QuickBooks Online.

Accountants Experience

Hala Digital Assistant for QuickBooks Online aims to provide support to accountants in daily operations by automating routine and repetitive work.

Daily operations
Hala supports accountants in dealing with enormous data entering activities, including invoices, bills, reconciliation, and bank statements.
Closing the periods
Hala has pre-built Digital Skills that bring automation into the period-end closing so that accountants can focus on more value-adding work.

Employees Experience

Hala provides a new employee experience by personalizing conversations and providing self-serve automation. Our intelligent digital assistant with pre-built skills deals with unproductive tasks so employees can focus on critical issues.

Data entering
A business digital assistant helps employees in their daily business chores by supporting with entering the data, like time activities, expenses, and many more.
Data retrieving
With Hala, Assistant employees can get any data from QuickBooks Online without even logging into QuickBooks or learning how to work with it.


All-in-one Digital Assistant

Hala Assistant can be activated within one click, and all the functionality becomes fully available for you.

Natural Language Understanding

We have pre-trained Hala to understand the business language and queries.

Voice & Text

Hala understands the natural language via voice and text input.

Desktop Web Chat

Hala Digital Assistant is available for the users of all modern web browsers.

User management

Manage the users, provide them access to the skills and analyze their conversations.

Pre-built Digital Skills

Pre-automated processes that are available for all the users.

Verified solution

Hala solution verified by Intuit and published on QuickBooks marketplace.

People working on laptops


Empower your daily work with Hala Digital Assistant

Hala Assistant takes responsibility for dealing with routine work and supporting you in becoming more productive and efficient.

20% Increase in productivity

50+ Pre-built AI digital skills

70% Time reduction in getting the data

25% Time reduction in closing the periods

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