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Business snapshot

Business snapshot for QuickBooks Online is a dashboard displaying performance measures to help you understand your organization's financial position. It includes the sales, expenses, profit and loss, customer debt, bank overview, and ratios.

Query example “Business snapshot for the last year”

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Sales reports

With Hala's sales reports, you can get the following information from QuickBooks Online: Sales dashboard, sales by customers/products, detailed sales report, income by customers, customer list, and customer master data.

Customer profile user interface

Customers debt

Get quick facts about the customers' debt from the QuickBooks Online in Hala Digital Assistant. The dashboard has the information split by periods, plus total information about the debt, not due yet invoices, overdue invoices, and income.

Query example “Customers debt overview”

Hala QuickBooks Online Digital Assistant
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Profit and loss statement

The Profit and Loss (P&L) statement dashboard includes the charts split by period for sales and expenses, and total amount of Gross profit, Net Operating Income, Net income, and Gross profit margin. In addition to that there are the skills with standard P&L statement and comparison options.

Customer profile user interface

Balance sheet

Get balance sheet statement from the QuickBooks Online by using your voice. In the balance sheet statement dashboard apart from the balance accounts you can find the key financial ratios that are calculated based on balance sheet and profit and loss statements.

Query example “Balance sheet for the last year”

Hala QuickBooks Online Digital Assistant
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Expenses dashboard

Get all the expenses data from the QuickBooks Online for quick overview of the current costs. The dashboard includes the information about the overall expenses, expenses by vendor and account, and planned expenses for the next two months.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I modify the dashboards?
If you would need to modify dashboards based on your needs, please write to us and will adopt them for you.
How to add new dashboards?
We are continuously adding new digital skills with dashboards, let us know what data you need and we will create them for you.
Can I use dashboard for QuickBooks desktop?
No, all the dashboard and digital skills currently are available for the QuickBooks Online. We have plans to add the integration with QuickBooks Desktop later this year.
How to start use dashboards?
Sign up on our website, connect your QuickBooks Online account and that is all. And then use text or voice to get the dashboards.
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