Customers outstanding debt detailed

Ask QuickBooks Online Digital Assistant about the detailed information for customers' debt, and you will get the list of transactions with key KPIs.

Report elements

The report includes the next information:

  • List of all customer transactions that generate outstanding debt.

How to use

As an example, you can use the next utterances to execute this skill:

Customers outstanding debt detailed report

AR open invoices by transaction

Detail outstanding debt for the Disney

Default values

The report, by default, is using the following period: This Month-to-date

Report options

For each report, Hala has additional options that can be executed by users when they see the report

  • In your query, you can specify the customer's name for which you want to see the outstanding debt. For example, "Outstanding debt for the Disney" in that case, Hala will show you information related only to that customer.
  • Details. For each document, you can see detailed information that includes all the fields from the accounting software.


This skill is by default available for the next enterprise software:

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