Business snapshot from QuickBooks Online

Business snapshot from accounting software report provides information about the sales, expenses, bank, PL, Financial ratios, and customers' debt. Business overview report example

Dashboard elements

Use Hala Digital Assistant for getting a business overview dashboard from your accounting software. If you are looking for an option with which you want to get all key data about your business, the Business overview dashboard can provide such an opportunity. Of course, your bookkeeping should be done in a proper way for getting the correct data.

The dashboard includes the next sections:

  • Sales YTD. Total sales for the current year
  • Expenses YTD. Total expenses for the current year
  • Current ratio. The current ratio is a liquidity ratio that measures whether a firm has enough resources to meet its short-term obligations
  • Quick ratio. Type of liquidity ratio, which measures a company's ability to use its near cash or quick assets to extinguish or retire its current liabilities immediately
  • Sales chart. Line chart with the information about the sales split by days/months
  • Expenses chart. Pie chart with the information about the expenses split by category
  • Profit and loss. Detail profit and loss report
  • Customers' debt. The dashboard provides information about the customers' Debt, separated by a period: current, 1-30, 31-60, 61 - 90, 91, and over. Plus, total amounts
  • Bank. Current balance on bank accounts

How to use

As an example, you can use the next utterances to execute this skill:

Business snapshot

Business overview for this year

Business snapshot for the last month

Default values

If you do not provide the period in your initial query, Hala will use the next period by default: This Month-to-date

Dashboard options

For each dashboard, Hala has additional options that can be executed by users when they see the dashboard

  • Change the dates - Allows you to change the dates for the information represented on the dashboard.


This skill is by default available for the next enterprise software:

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