Add new time activity

Use natural language for adding time activities in QuickBooks Online on the fly. QuickBooks Online Assistant saves your time on your daily working routine.


Adding new time activities allows you to use Hala conversational interface for tracking the time of the employees.

How to use

As an example, you can use the next utterances to execute this skill:

Add new time activity

I have spent 7 hours with the Disney

Today I spent 3 hours and 10 minutes with the Disney

Default values

Hala analyzes the preferences/configurations of the next objects: employees, and preferences of the company.

  • Preferences. For example, if you have activated classes and departments in your QBO, Hala will ask questions about those values before adding new time activities. If not, then Hala will not ask them.

  • Employees. Hala will check the rate and if the value billable by default is activated. By default, Hala will use the values from the employee configuration, but you can change them before creating the time activity.

  • Time activity. Hala is checking historical data to make the pre-filling of the values. This is also can have a big benefit for users while they are creating time activity.

Action options

Before creating the time activity, Hala will propose you to validate the data.


This skill is by default available for the next enterprise software:

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