Fixed assets management

With that skill, you can make changes and delete the fixed assets in Hala. Digital Skill for manage the assets in QuickBooks Online


The Skill of managing the asset is part of the asset management skills package for QuickBooks Online.

Manage your Assets in QuickBooks Online with Hala Digital Assistant.

Hala`s Digital Skill helps you to manage your assets. You can execute this skill for changing the assets, reassign the assets to your employees, classes, and departments in QuickBooks Online, or delete the asset if it is already depreciated.

For more details on managing your asset in QuickBooks Online, you can check the description below.

How to start use the skill

As an example, you can use the next utterances to execute this skill:

Change the asset

Delete the asset

Manage the assets

How it works

  1. When you will start the skill, you will see the list of all your assets;
  2. You can change assets by pressing on the menu button in front of each asset and select the "Edit," then you can make the changes;
  3. You can delete assets by pressing on the menu button in front of each asset and select the "Delete." Keep in mind that you will not be able to delete the assets that have a balance. At first, you need to write-off it, and then you will be able to delete it.
  4. When all the changes are done, you need to submit your request;

Posting in QuickBooks Online

This action itself will not generate any postings in QuickBooks Online.


This skill is by default available for the next enterprise software:

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