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Emerging Technologies and Enterprise Software

Emerging technologies

ERP software is one of the most useful platforms in which a business can invest and use for daily operations. It is essential to say that many factors can make your ERP usage succeed or fail. Enterprise Software has reached a level of maturity that put the developers and users in a situation where it is hard to find the paths for further improvement. In the past few years, the only significant change to ERP systems is the increase in cloud adoption and the integration of early-stage technologies like AI.

Emerging Technologies trends

The emerging technologies that are disrupting the ERP industry are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and internet of things (IoT) (The End of Technology Obsolescence, ERP Trends in 2018)

58% of developers plan to integrate or have already integrated AI into their ERP programs. (Evans Data Corporation)

The ERP software industry is the number one target of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) developers. (Evans Data Corporation)

72% of executives believe that AI in the enterprise is a business advantage for the future. (2018 PWC AI Predictions)

80% of developers believe that management of ERP processes can be totally replaced by AI or machine learning. (Evans Data Corporation)

4 out of 10 industry leaders are exploring the use of new technologies for ERP systems. Of those interested, 43% are looking into AI, 40% into machine learning, and 40% into IoT. (The End of Technology Obsolescence, ERP Trends in 2018)

One of the biggest barriers to AI adoption in the enterprises is that 49% of employees have a considerable lack of trust in technology. (SAS The Enterprise AI Promise 2018)

In the future, the ERP market will need a transition to assistive and conversational user experiences (including chatbots, automation and human– machine interaction). Source: Accenture 2019 ERP Trends

The usage of Enterprise Software (ERP, CRM, HCM, ITSM) today

The reputation of Enterprise Software, especially ERPs, is of being reliable, but challenging to use — and this is not surprising. Today people are working with many enterprise software applications.

Representation of all enterprise software that take part of actual human work

We found the next obstacles while using enterprise software:

  • Complex Graphical User Interface (GUI) — difficult to use
  • Access to the information and data
  • Inability to use the system efficiently
  • The cost of support is too high

Enterprise software systems don’t provide the flexibility and insights businesses require. Employees expectations around UX have changed drastically, driven by the infusion of consumer web designs in enterprise software.

The usage of Enterprise Software in the future

Conversational user interfaces (chatbots, smart machines, automation and human– machine interaction) are bringing an entirely new approach for users' performance in daily activities.

Representation of the interaction between conversational user and enterprise software

How companies and users can benefit from leveraging new technologies (conversational user interfaces):

  • One place to perform daily activities
  • Simplification of user experience
  • Natural language communication
  • Work anywhere & anytime you need
  • Reduce the operation costs
  • Improve the productivity of employees

How it should work?

We expect from machines that they will understand us in natural language and will be able to help us be more productive. The process sounds simple, but there are some steps that need to be passed to complete the matter correctly.


1- Write or start talking to the smart machines.

2- Machines understand the natural language & context of the query.

3- Machines can help with retrieving information, modifications, data visualization, solving the IT issues, creation of new objects, provide the report analytics and much more.

4 - Machines learn based on historical data and with each new user request over and over again.

5- All we need should be in one UI (user interface).

Please leave the feedback about your vision of the current problems in using enterprise software and how we can overcome them by leveraging conversational user interfaces.

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