Conversational UI design

Conversational UI design is a design approach based on human-to-machine interactions and data visualization UI components of the communication chat window. That approach describes how standard data visualization components (e.g., tables, charts, dashboards, forms, cards, lists) can be embedded into the chat with IBM Watson Assistant.

The methodology describes the usages of the IBM Watson conversational AI design approaches and Hala Web Chat data visualizations UI components.

Target audience

We have developed a conversational UI design guide for IBM Watson Assistant designers and developers from one side. And from the other side for the enterprise software users (e.g., SAP, Oracle, Workday, ADP, Microsoft Dynamics, Quick Books, Salesforce, etc.).

The guide describes how to bring automation and simplification of the business processes for any organization by applying conversational AI technologies of IBM Watson and data visualization techniques of

Communication channel

The conversational UI guide is covering only one channel for performing the communication - Web Chat. Think about the enterprise-grade Web Chat like the stand-alone application that displays the full screen's content, like all other business applications on your computer or phone.

This guide is not covering the channels like - Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other communication channel, just because they are not allowed us to display the data visualization components (e.g., dashboards, charts, tables, forms, cards, lists) inside their UIs.

How to use a design guide

The UI Components sections describe all the Web Chat's available components, such as charts, dashboards, tables, etc. For each component, we have created a separate page where you can find an example of using the component, a description of why to use it, and guidance with tips and tricks.

We believe that such an approach can give you a high-level overview of each component's strong sides. As a result, you can find yourself the areas or processes, based on your experience, where those components can be helpful.

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