Display the images inside the conversational application.


Here’s an example of the image component.

Why to use?

We have been using the image component to display the manuals and tutorials to the users. There were use cases when users could ask for some documentation, and for this, we added the manuals with the images. It was a composite of text components and images. You can put a text + image, then again text + image, and so on. Many applications of conversational AI solutions provide users a link to the documentation. They can click and then see the information. We wanted to avoid the step with a click and display the information right away.

Still, there are many options where you would require the image component to display the content.


Path to the image

The best option to display the images is to have them somewhere in your storage location and then specify a link to the image.

Screen size of the image

You can define the screen size of the image. It can be an on full screen or half os screen or inline with conversation area.

Small image.

Large image.

Full screen image.

How to use

You can find more information about using this component here.

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