Tables with nested items

Tables with nested items allow displaying the table line items with additional sublevels.


Here’s an example of a table with nested items.

Hala nested tables

Why to use?

A good example to explain when and why to use the tables with nested items is for displaying the balance sheet or profit and loss statement. The structure of those tables includes the sub-levels.

For example, in the Balance sheet table, we can have the next hierarchy:
Assets - main level
Current assets - first sub-level
Bank accounts - second sub-level
Checking - third sub-level

Basically, it allows us to display the hierarchy of the table items.


Prepare your data

To add and see the tables with nested items, you would need to meet the table format's requirements. It can be necessary to transform the data from your backend software into the format of Hala for displaying the tables with nested items. Read more about the format here.

Design the tables with nested items

When you design the table with nested items, you need to define what type of information should be represented on the main and sub-levels. You also would need to think about the columns. For example, it is simple for the Profit and Loss statement to have the description and amount. Another example is customer debt, where you can have a customer name as a description, and your columns can display periods.

A simple table with nested lines and one column

More complex table with nested lines and more than one column

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