Tables with data comparison view

Allows comparing several data sets, in case data comes from the several APIs responses.


Here’s an example of a table with the comparison view.

Why to use?

It is not a common requirement from the users and, in many cases, would be used by the users who are working with financial data.

The story behind adding that functionality was next - Some time back, we design the process automation for the accounting department, and for this, we have been using conversational AI. Initially, we have designed the digital skills to get the balance sheet information from the accounting software and added the financial ratio calculations. With that digital skills, accountants were able to get the balance and work with it. Later accountants said that it is essential to analyze the balance sheets in comparison with previous periods. To meet such requirements, we have added the comparison options, and now the accountants can analyze the data for several periods and see the changes.


Header and description

Be sure that column names that display the data for comparison include the information about the period. For example, one column can be "January 2021," and the second is "February 2021", users need to associate the data with the right period.

Number of periods to compare

Based on the requirements, you can add two or three periods for comparison. It will completely depend on the personas' requirements. Try to avoid more than three periods for comparison because it can complicate the table a lot.

Add calculations

When you compare the data, personas will probably like to track the monetary and percentage changes. To meet such requirements, you can add new columns that will automatically calculate those changes.

How to use

You can find more information about using this component here.

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