Enterprise-grade Web Chat


The Hala enterprise-grade web chat is a user interface that integrates with IBM Watson Assistant for meeting the business users' needs in displaying more complex data visualization components inside the conversation interface.

Why to use

When you build a custom web chat interface for IBM Watson Assistant, your team spends a lot of time and effort writing code to solve typical UI problems. For example, those efforts can include tracking browser support changes, validating input, design the layout and styling, and most importantly build the data visualization components.

When you use the pre-built Web Chat solution from Hala.ai, you can rely on Hala.ai to manage the user interface to design a conversational experience with your users or customers.

Cutting-edge functionality from Hala is incorporated into the Web Chat to deliver an exceptional user experience.


Hala's enterprise-grade Web Chat is an all-in-one add-on for IBM Watson Assistant that brings the best user experience for business users.

# Efforts Custom development With Hala solution
1 Design IBM Watson Assistant $$$$ $$$$
2 Develop a custom application $$$$ -
3 Develop a web chat application $$$$ -
4 Design UI components $$$ -
5 Develop user authentication $$$ -
6 Develop user management $$$ -
7 Develop & design analytics $$ -
8 Develop integration module $$$ -
9 Develop bots orchestration $$ -
10 Develop logs system $ -
11 Develop release management $$ -
12 Maintenance & Improve $$$ -

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